Hartech Genset


Hartech Genset has a complete genset product compared to its competitors, various types, types, generator capacity. Supported by leading brands such as Yanmar, Perkins, Volvo, Foton, etc with a wide selection of types ranging from Silent Genset, Open Genset, and Mobile Generator for capacity 8-2000 KVA

Hartech’s products are coated by special steels made to muffle the sounds of generators, the stock of generators that are always available, and the domestic production process supervised by reliable technicians make the Hartech genset superior to other genset products.

All Hartech gensets are processed in well-controlled domestic factories, from planning, production process, installation and after sales service done by trained technicians.

Aftersales Service Genset Hartech satisfactory did not escape from the trained employees and Hartech’s technicians. Each Employee and Technician is given training so that the process of work, installation, service in the field can running well.


PT. Hidup Baru Perdana Abadi serves diesel generator set (genset) sales in East Kalimantan which includes : Balikpapan and surrounding areas, Samarinda, Tenggarong, Tanah Grogot, Sangatta, Berau, Melak and various other areas in East Kalimantan. Hartech genset is cheap, complete, quality and warranty. Get the most complete generator for various engine brands: Perkins, Cummins, Yanmar, Foton, Lovol, Volvo. And also get the cheapest price panels for genset.

Hartech genset price is very competitive, with quality products and warranty. All generators are equipped with 1 year warranty or 2000 working hours, so do not hesitate to choose Hartech genset.

Why HARTECH Genset ?

  1. Capacity 8-2000 KVA
  2. Soundproof
  3. Genuine parts
  4. What you see is what you get
  5. Ready stock for certain types
  6. Aftersales service warranty
  7. One year warranty (2000 hours)
  8. Service center in Balikpapan

Due to the quality offered, Hartech genset has a very affordable price. Our company is an authorized Distributor of Hartech Indonesia which has an official license of Principal Engines (Perkins, Cummins, Yanmar, Foton, Lovol, Volvo Penta), as well as an official license from Principal Generator (Stamford, HTG). Due to the very high efficiency in terms of Production, Back-Office, Sales and Service, Hartech is able to provide the best price for generator products for customers.


Perkins Genset


This type of generator is also included in the best hartech genset brands in Indonesia. Perkins is one of the world’s leading brands of diesel engines operating since 1932. The company is capable of producing about 400,000 units annually. In addition Perkins also occupies the world market in various types of specifications, with good structure, has a quality performance, easy maintenance and has a long maintenance time.

Cummins Genset


This type in addition to being the best Hartech genset in Indonesia is also a leader in the world leader in power generation. Cummins Inc, is a company that has a business unit with a complement that has the design, manufacture, distribution and service of related technologies. It also has a fuel system, air system, filtration, emissions and various power generation systems. The company has headquarters in Columbus, Indiana (USA), Cummins which has successfully served 190 countries through a network of over 5000 authorized dealers with 5200 distributors.

Yanmar Genset


Furthermore the other best Hartech genset brand is Yanmar. Yanmar Company is one of the Japanese established companies in 1912 that has developed the first commercial diesel engine type and the world’s first know in 1933. One of the key successes of this company is able to rationalize and modernize in the sharing of sectors such as agriculture, advertising and industry . They are able to transform the world into more energy-efficient and economic.

Lovol Genset


The best type of the best Hartech genset brand is Lovol. This generator is manufactured by Lovol company Tianjin Lovol Engine Co., Ltd. which has been established in 1997. One kind of lovol machine which has been in production and sold is a classical machine originating from European Countries and has leading technology. Referring to the type of global needs, lovol engine is a machine that is high tech with a strong enough power, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Volvo Genset


Foton Genset



You certainly know, basically every existing product, has advantages and disadvantages that exist, and things like this of course can be seen in terms of your own needs, including, when choosing the best engine generator. Previously we must know first there are currently 2 types of generator sets on the market, namely open genset engine and generator set silent. Both types of these machines have the same function, which can be used to generate electrical energy, in addition to using existing power sources.

Such a device is usually used to generate backup electricity if the existing power supply is interrupted, or used as a power source when there is no electricity supply (such as camping, etc.). Here is an explanation of open generator and silent genset:

Open Type


Genset open or better known as open type genset is a generator that is generally used by the users. Generally such generators have several types, especially for the electrical capacity it makes. Called as an open generator, because this type of generator does not use the lid, so easy to use, although the sound produced from this machine is quite loud. That is why, why this generator should be placed outdoors, or in a room that has been equipped with soundproof.

Silent Type

genset-silentSilent genset or better known as a closed-type genset is a generator that is rarely used, because the price offered is slightly more expensive than the open type genset. Just like the open generator, silent genset also consists of several types, especially the electrical capacity generated. Called as a closed generator, because this type of generator uses a steel cap or box, which is equipped with a foam damper. So the sounds generated by the machine will not be too audible. We will try to find what the best silent genset brands.

By knowing what is the open genset and silent genset, of course allows you to choose the most appropriate generator set. Whether it’s an open genset or a silent generator set.


PT Hidup Baru Perdana Abadi also provides after sales service / after sales service supported by Service & Logistic Division. This after sales service includes installation, testing & commissioning, training services, customer service on genset complaints, spare parts sales and on site service / on site genset service.


Our technicians will assist customers in the installation, testing and commissioning process throughout East Kalimantan


Each customer will receive training support for the operation and maintenance of the generator. This training can be held both at the location of consumers and in our workshops.


Hidup Baru Perdana Abadi always strive to provide the best service for consumers. We have dedicated teams to serve consumer complaints.


Do not let the electrical instability interfere with your daily activities. PT. Hidup Baru Perdana Abadi offers Hartech Diesel Genset complete with affordable price, with the best quality and supported with after sales service guaranteed. Trust your electricity needs to PT. Hidup Baru Perdana Abadi.

To find out the price and the cost of sending generator, please contact our Sales Engineer.



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