Our Core Values

Project Scope

The scope of our involvement depends strictly on your project requirements and needs, such as:

  • Supply of equipment
  • Maintenance and reconditioning of equipment
  • Fabrication of materials
  • Construction and installation of work

We support these activities with in-house engineering design, construction management and planning and procurement expertise.


Technical Expertise

Since its inception. we have provided a Technical Adviser to each project to assist and liaise between Indonesian and Expatriate Clients. Additionally, our qualified staff maintain the technical and quality requirements as the project progresses.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is fundamental to all work undertaken by PT Hidup Baru Perdana Aoadi and is practiced by all of our personnel in their normal daily activities. Quality is ensured by working in a systematic manner to formal procedures designed to eliminate deficiencies. To formally recognize our quality standards, we are in the process of preparing our ISO 9001 application.

Facilities Supports

Our local workshop. warehouse and distribution facilities provides over 2000 square meters of covered workshop area.

Project Management

PT Hidup Baru Perdana Abadi Director oversees all work within the company, including:

  • Product sales
  • Performance of qualified staff

Additionally. key personnel support each project with a wide range of construction and fabrication experience across a broad spectrum of industries. This breadth of experience enables us to fit seamlessly with your project.

Health and Safety

It is our policy to provide each employee with a safe and healthy place in which to work. To this end, management works to provide an accident- and injury-free work environment and an environment in which hazardous materials are removed and controlled.